FIRST ® LEGO® League Challenge

FIRST LEGO League Challenge is an international science tournament This tournament is for children and young adults aged between 9 & 16 from 110 countries. Participation allows the participants to feel like they are real life scientists and engineers.

FIRST LEGO League teams must design, build and program a robot capable of performing expected tasks using LEGO MINDSTORMS® sets. Guided by an advisor or a volunteer coach who is over 18 years old, each team goes through an educational program before the tournament itself. This program takes at least one and a half hours a week for about three and a half months. 

On the tournament day, each team participates in 3 robot matches and attends 3 judging sessions. The robot matches occur on a specially designed table with the challenge field.  Each match lasts 2,5 minutes during which the autonomous robot accomplishes as much of the challenges as possible.

Each tournament season has a different challenge theme.  The teams define a problem related to the season theme and are expected to come up with an innovative solution.  The process includes brain-storming, research, talking to experts, preparing presentations. A few of the past challenges are food safety, natural hazards, recycling, energy, climate change, water, space, etc. 

During this journey, tomorrow’s innovators increase their skills in listening, presenting, imaginative thinking and expressing themselves. They experience friendly competition and learn to share while also experiencing teamwork and gracious professionalism. Participant children and teens take a journey through a fun, process-driven activity in the fields of science, art and technology. These experiences encourage them to imagine themselves as scientists, engineers, effective entrepreneurs and sensible global citizens of the future.

The program is implemented in Turkey since 2004 under the name of Bilim Kahramanları Buluşuyor (Science Heroes Meet) since

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