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About Bilim Kahramanları

Vision:  Building a future where science is at the center of the society


  • Being scientific:  Scientific knowledge & approach make the foundation of our activities.
  • Responsibility: We act with a high sense of responsibility towards humanity and the planet. 
  • Cooperation and process-driven:  We advocate the principles of sharing, cooperation, solidarity, and process-driven approaches in all of our work and activities.
  • Inclusiveness:  We are an equal opportunity entity; we seek to empower the disadvantaged & the groups under risk.  We value differences & do not discriminate based on creed, ethnicity, language, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability status.  We respect different thoughts and beliefs.
  • Volunteer focus:  We prioritize & engage volunteerism in all activities.
  • Innovativeness:  We value new, different, progressive approaches in all areas.
  • Transparency:  We follow the principles of transparency & accountability in BKD’s administration and in all of its processes.