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About Bilim Kahramanları

Our Vision: To create a world where science is at the center of communal life.

Our Purpose: To work for spreading and promoting the science, scientific thought and scientific awareness in every segment of the society, to enable children and teens to meet with science in the early stages of their lives. 

Our Goals: 

  • To support scientific productivity processes and scientists. 
  • To contribute to the upbringing of children and teens as productive and mindful world citizens equipped with 21st. century skills.
  • To make scientific studies in order to enhance the life quality of society and to help maintain the sustainability of the planet.

Our Values:

  • Scientificness: We take scientific knowledge and scientific studies as the basis for all the work we perform.
  • Gracious Awarness: In line with our goals and purposes; we have the sense of responsibility for the human being, the world community, and the planet Earth.
  • Cooperation and Working Process-driven: In all of our work and activities we take heed to work in a sharing and process-driven manner, in cooperation and solidarity.
  • Inclusiveness: We endeavor to make sure that equal opportunity is provided for disadvantaged and under risk groups by strengthening them. We value differences. We are against discrimination, either by religion, language, race or sex, and we respect different thoughts and beliefs.
  • Volunteer Focus: We adopt volunteerism in principle and prioritize work that is based on volunteering.
  • Innovativeness: We frequently acquire, develop and put into practice different and new approaches in all of our activities and processes.
  • Transparency: Meanwhile the association administration and works, we shall act in a transparent and accountable manner.